Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So, I have not been here in a while. I wonder if anyone still cares? Anyway, I guess I don't care if you care, so don't give me a pity comment. They suck.

Most of you know that I am all sorts of married by now. The hubbie and I got married in the great state of South Carolina in a barn. The only thing that could have made our union better would have been to honeymoon in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards for us, but there is always our one year anniversary!

Last night, we went to the Panthers game. It was good fun. Oh, except for the jerks sitting around us. The people behind us were wasted before they even got to the game and then proceeded to drink themselves into even more of a stupor the rest of the game. Early on, one of them got too drunk to stand up and hold his drink at the same time and spilt it all over our coats. Thanks a lot dumb fuck. We were planning on wearing those.

The guy two seats down from us was a regular sports commentator. He kept his girlfriend in the know about all the players and where the ball was and all sorts of thing. And she was there to make out with him after every Panther's touch down (quickly followed by a gloating call to one of her friends, "Did you see that touch down? Yeah, I am at the game. Don't you hear the noise?"). Anyway, he let me in on a little secret that I thought the rest of you might need to know. It's about Hoover. So, he surmises that he is going to get the ax in the next year or two because he is not that good and there are tons of other people in the NFL that are big and have more skill than him. Actually (he goes on to say) do you know why they have kept him on as long as they have? Because of his name. HOOOOOO-Ver. You see, if you have a great name the crowd can get behind, it does not matter if you suck.

And that is my wisdom gleaned from the game. I hope you all walk away from this blog post more enlightened than ever!



Yeah, I can empathize with your Panthers game experience. I spent Saturday deep in the frat boy/sorostitute section at Georgia for the Georgia-Georgia Tech game. Wearing Georgia Tech stuff because my gf went to GT and we scored some student tickets from her sister.

I did my best to look mean, so they didn't say much to us, but I lost a lot of respect for humanity on Saturday.

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